1D Fluid Network Analysis:

We offer the service of carrying out complex fluid flow analysis in a wide variety of applications to include those related to chemical and gas processing, power plants, hydraulic control circuits and various kinds of fluid distribution systems. We also carry out analysis to model liquid fuel phase changes that include compressibility and mixture thermodynamics.

Multi level aerodynamic analysis for turbo-machinery applications:

This service offers different design tools at different stages of design to include but not limited to Cycle Analysis, 1D, 2D and 3D CFD. It offers the flexibility to our customers to have access to a vast design space at lower levels while at the higher levels offering the option of zooming in the optimal design point by fine tuning the geometry. The optimization module can also be used to organize the automatic optimization and the smooth transfer between different stages of design.

3D geometry generation:

The geometry module offers the customer a powerful 3D geometry generation based on Open CASCADE engine. It provides complex NURBS curve, surface modeling with user friendly 2D and 3D editing features. In addition, this module also offers Advance 3D modeling operations such as Boolean cut/fuse and fillet generation plus Easy exchange of CAD data via standard methods such as STEP/IGES/STL/ Paraolid_XT file transfer.

3D computational mesh generation:

This module provides the end user with automatic meshing support for CFD and FEA modules using geometry models. We also provide unstructured, tetrahedral dominant meshing with higher order elements for FEA, which can maintain the accuracy of curved faces. Further, for CFD meshing we provide parametric multi-block structured mesh for blade row and unstructured tetrahedral elements for volute.

Finite element analysis:

FEA module provides the finite element analysis capability to conduct static, thermal and modal analysis using reputed open-source CCX solver. This User friendly post-processing capability is provided with powerful VTK graphics and text reports such as Campbell & Goodman diagrams, 3D stress contour plots etc.

Computational fluid dynamics:

This is a sophisticated implicit CFD solver for unstructured grid automatic meshing and boundary setup with models of rotation frame, mixing plane, turbulence etc. there by being available to perform a full 3D CFD simulation for turbo machinery application, whilst the solver itself is also available for general purpose CFD simulation. This powerful post-processing capability offers a convenient result analysis with a report and is able to interface (import and export) with other commercial CFD software (e.g. Fluent/ Numeca).

Heat transfer and cooling technology:

This product offers the ability to carry out complex conjugate heat transfer analysis to provide the accurate thermal predictions for turbine blade internal cooling schemes. It also provides detailed analysis and design tools for internal blade cooling geometry while having the ability to seamlessly integrate together with automated data transferring modules such as CAD engine, meshing module, FEA thermal modules and aero modules in order to make this multi-disciplinary design tool work robustly.